Prior to working with UrbanBound, Dollar Shave Club administered relocation benefits on a case-by-case basis. New hires relocating for Dollar Shave Club typically received a lump sum benefit disbursed after the employee started work — resulting in the employee fronting all costs. Without a standard process, administering relocation benefits was also very time consuming and subsequently expensive. Relocations were managed by Finance, but at times required involvement from HR, Payroll, Legal, and C-Level Executives.

With a growing workforce, Dollar Shave Club wanted a scalable, yet flexible solution to support relocating employees and reduce ramp up time in their new positions. They knew that with a structured program in place they could remove relocation as a hiring barrier, expand their recruiting efforts, and fill positions faster.

UrbanBound helped Dollar Shave Club create a scalable relocation program, while removing administrative burdens from their internal teams. Working with Dollar Shave Club’s Talent Management & Acquisition team, UrbanBound developed a set of relocation guidelines based on their specific culture and growth needs. These guidelines led to a more structured process for relocating employees without sacrificing flexibility.

With UrbanBound’s solution in place, Dollar Shave Club has been able to create a consistent and centralized relocation process under the Talent Management & Acquisition Team. The UrbanBound Customer Success team quarterbacks all aspects of each relocation which has drastically reduced the number of Dollar Shave Club employees needed to administer the relocation and time spent managing relocations.

"UrbanBound has taken the burden of relocation administration off our shoulders. Since the partnership with UrbanBound, time spent administering relocations has been reduced by 90%." 

Since partnering with UrbanBound, Dollar Shave Club has reduced administrative time spent on relocations by 90%, while simultaneously enhancing the employee experience. Employees benefit from UrbanBound’s guidance and are able to focus more energy on ramping up for their new job and less time worrying about their relocation. With the new program in place, relocation is no longer a barrier to hiring for Dollar Shave Club and they've spread their recruiting efforts across the country.

UrbanBound has received an average 4.75 (out of 5) satisfaction score from Dollar Shave Club employees.

"New hires already have a long ramp up period. Add in relocation and you have employees stressed about where their belongings are, where they are going to live, etc. UrbanBound has reduced the stress of our employees so they can focus on getting up and running in their new position."

- Peter Moore / VP Talent Management & Acquisition, Dollar Shave Club

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