4 Tips for Recruiting to Relocating Healthcare Professionals

A successful healthcare recruiting program is only possible if you recruit with a relocation mindset - making sure each job is available to the very best candidates, regardless of location.

Recruiting healthcare professionals who will need to relocate comes with its own challenges, but if you promote it in the right way and speak to their interests it becomes a valuable tool in your recruiting arsenal. Here are 4 tips for recruiting to relocating healthcare professionals:


Take a Value Based Approach

First, focus on value instead of dollars. For example, we all know that a salary for a family doctor in New York City is going to be a lot higher than that of the same position in a rural community, so to compete you need to provide context as to cost-of-living. This can also vary drastically from city to city. Including information such as housing prices, taxes, and other living costs can help healthcare candidates compare offers on a value-basis vs dollar to dollar.

Promote Your Location

Second, share what it's like to live in the community around your facility - providing information on school systems, transportation options, and even referrals for realtors and other professionals can go a long way in not only making your offer more appealing, but showing that your company cares about their employees' work-life balance. You can also have current team members share their favorite spots and provide insider tips. 


Personalize the Offer

Third, consider the candidate's needs - maybe you can offer a flexible start date to work around school schedules. Or, allow new hires to work remotely or even part-time ​for a few weeks while they get settled into their new location. Would temporary housing make your offer more appealing? Can a relocation bonus sweeten the deal? These are all ways to make your offer more appealing, and recruit the best healthcare candidates possible, regardless of their current location.

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Give Them the VIP Treatment

Last, provide a guided tour of your area during the interview visit - a personalized tour guide can point out all the great amenities in the neighborhood, city, or community. They can also answer questions about schools, transportation, and local attractions. As part of the interview process, take them out to lunch or dinner at a popular hangout spot. This will help them picture themselves (and their family) living in the new location, and create a basic familiarity to alleviate some of the uncertainty of moving to a new location. Pro tip: If you're providing candidate travel reimbursement, offer an extra day or weekend for them to spend time getting to know the area.


Recruiting to relocating healthcare professionals requires a slightly different approach to your healthcare recruitment marketing efforts, but it can pay huge dividends when implemented thoughtfully and on a personalized basis. For more tips on recruiting healthcare professionals, check out our webinar: In Sickness and In Health: Mobility in Healthcare

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