Press Release: Healthcare Relocation Lump Sum Amounts Just Aren’t Cutting It

Relocating caregivers with relocation technology improves attraction & retention.

Chicago, IL - April 19, 2023: Healthcare organizations are seeing unprecedented challenges with labor shortages, workforce attraction, and employee retention. With a shortage of local talent, there is also an increased demand on the relocation services supply chain and it’s estimated that moving costs have increased upwards of 15%. Recruiting out of area healthcare professionals and providing lump sum relocation benefits is now a core part of healthcare organizations’ hiring strategy; yet, this provides little to no support or resources to relocating staff. 

In the Healthcare industry, relocation lump sums (or cash stipends) for early career or non-exempt positions tend to average between $5,000 and $7,500 and the amounts have not, and are not, expected to rise as most healthcare systems are focused on keeping costs low.

“It’s extremely challenging to move cross-country for the amount that most Healthcare systems are paying,” said Jeff Ellman, Co-Founder of UrbanBound. “With the hiring crisis we’re in today, it always amazes me how little support relocating staff receive when they are required to uproot their lives and move to a new community for their role”. 

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UrbanBound saw these events unfolding and immediately began looking for ways to help  organizations keep their costs down while allowing the relocating staff to stretch their lump sum dollars to cover more of the move. UrbanBound has enhanced its community-based content offering with UB Marketplace, by connecting the relocating employee with curated vendors who offer higher levels of support, deep discounts and incentives which can equal thousands of dollars in savings per move. 

“We have seen instances where the negotiated supplier incentives have doubled and even tripled the value of the lump sum,” said Ellman. “This means that healthcare providers can even lower their lump sum budgets or bake the costs into their existing budgets to cover the license costs and it still equals more value for the relocating employee”. 

The first iteration of UB Marketplace offers supplier discounts and incentives for household goods moves, temporary housing, car and pet shipments, and even discounted mortgage options. Users also get access to all the other great features of the UrbanBound platform which includes helpful guides, community & neighborhood demographics, office & location information, and much more.

“We believe that adding the UB Marketplace to our platform can make our clients' job offers more competitive and attractive to prospective candidates in an industry that is desperate for differentiation and innovation,” said Ellman.  “Our proven solution improves the relocation experience by reducing the stress of moving in a way that speeds up productivity and satisfaction and makes your team members feel more supported from day one.” 




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