3 Ways to Boost Employee’s Spirits During their Relocation

With 22% of employees saying they’d be willing to quit over relocating policies, it’s important to have a great plan in place. Offering competitive incentives is a great start, but you need to go above and beyond to entice your candidates and employees to move for you.

Here’s 3 tips to make - and keep them happy:

1. Have Clear Communication

The unknown is scary for everyone. Make sure you give all of the relocation information up front. The employee needs to understand every facet of the move and what’s expected of them.

Check in regularly to make sure your employee’s on track and knows you’re there for them. Use a relocation company with a great user interface and customer support to help navigate the areas of moving you’re unfamiliar with. 

Knowing you care and that they’ve been given all the information they need helps keep everyone happy. 

2. Handle Moving Logistics

Ensuring your employee’s happiness starts with peace of mind. 

The best way to give them an excellent relocation experience is by using a reputable relocation management company to take the burden off you and your employee. 

Handing over a lump sum and saying “good luck” doesn’t make for the good first experience you want your new employee to have. Give them the tools they need to succeed and stay positive by using a relocation company that provides a technology platform. They’ll want to see their budget, a checklist of what to do next, and have visibility and access to vetted suppliers to choose from. 

Always ensure you’re giving them a clear understanding of what’s next for enhanced peace of mind. 

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3. Provide a Flexible Timeline

The best way to keep your employees spirits up during a move is to give them flexibility. Most companies give 30 days to move. While it can be possible, it puts a big strain on the employee. 

Give employees at least 60 days and be flexible with the date - alleviating the pressure of time. Plane tickets get cancelled, closing dates get pushed back, it takes longer than they realized to pack up their belongings. 

Accounting for the bumps in the road ahead of time eases everyone's mind.

For a deeper dive into creating a great relocation policy that works try Forgotten Benefits: Crafting a Competitive Relocation Benefits Package.

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