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Attracting young talent is important to growing your business. Just a few years ago there was even a trend by certain cities to attract millennials. Some offered monetary incentives to young talent, some made improvements to the city itself, others created groups and social sites to collect ideas straight from the source - all in an effort to build the local workforce and revitalize the city.

Although millennials are a well-known demographic and have received a lot of attention, the point is that attracting any young talent is a great investment - whether for a city, or a company. Bringing in new ideas, modern approaches, and a fresh perspective is always a good idea! Below, we discuss how to recruit young talent to your company.

Showcase Your Culture

Your company culture is going to be a huge make-or-break feature in your recruiting efforts. Is your company known for being young, fun, and full of innovative minds? Highlight that to attract like-minded people. This is all part of your company brand, and it's extremely important - so important that 72% of candidates say they need to understand the work culture before accepting an offer. There's no one-size-fits-all answer here, but think about who you're trying to attract, and what aspects of your company culture will be appealing to them. Then promote it like crazy!

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Promote Your Location

Consider your target - are they millennials between the ages of 30 and 40 who are likely looking to settle down in an area with good schools and nice homes to build a family? Or are they 20-somethings who may be more interested in a young, hip city with a busy social scene?

It doesn't matter what the answer is, as long as you understand who you're recruiting. Then you can promote your location in a way that appeals to them. Your location may also have a unique selling feature - it could be a thriving social scene, or a nature area that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts. Maybe it's your cutting-edge tech sector or unique performing arts center that helps you stand out. Whatever it is, make sure to include it in your recruitment marketing so that young candidates are excited about the opportunity you're presenting. 

Give Them What They Want

Think about what young talent is looking for - maybe they'll be excited about your monthly events, networking opportunities, or the local hangout. Every individual is unique, but young talent is often looking for perks like remote work options, in-office perks (think coffee bar, gathering room, ping pong table, etc.) and lifestyle amenities. Work-life balance is also increasingly important so company benefits like health memberships, professional services and transportation assistance will also be attractive. And don't forget about what happens AFTER they accept your offer - providing details on your relocation benefits package helps to reduce uncertainty and address fears associated with moving for a new job. It's an important detail that shouldn't be ignored. 

Attracting young talent is important for the future of most companies. With a little planning you can make it a strong piece of your candidate recruiting efforts!

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