Relocation Tips: Moving in Winter

In some climates, Winter proposes some serious moving challenges. Stay a step ahead of the seasons with this guide. Winter isn’t always the ideal time to move, especially when you live somewhere cold, but sometimes it is the only option and you can usually save some money by moving in the winter as opposed to the summer. There are several things to keep in mind when moving to your new place in the winter to not only protect you but to protect your assets as well.

Protect Yourself

Wear snow boots while moving. If there is ice on the sidewalks you want to have shoes with traction so that you don’t slip and fall while trying to move your furniture in. This is where the salt will come in handy again.

Dress for the weather because while your moving truck might be toasty warm, the walk between the truck and your new place won't be warm, especially while you are carrying furniture.

Get no-slip gloves. It is important to keep your hands warm while being in cold climates carrying heavy objects. Regular gloves will make it harder to carry furniture and boxes because it can slip out of your hands. With no-slip gloves you will be able to grip things better while staying warm.

Protect Your Belongings

Bring plastic sheets or garbage bags to protect your assets from the wet snow in case it does snow while you are moving. Trash bags will do just fine, you can drape them over furniture and boxes to protect them from getting wet.

If you have an LCD screen tv then it cannot be left in a cold truck for a long period of time. If someone is driving a car to your new home, wrap your TV in a blanket and put it in the back seat of the car to keep it at a reasonable temperature. The same thing applies to any glass objects you may be moving with you

Driving & Car Prep

Take your moving truck for a spin around the block before loading your stuff into so that you can get a feel for the truck. The truck is going to be hard enough to drive, but add a little snow and it gets even harder.

Go out and buy some salt. If you run into a rough patch of ice on the road, you want to be equipped with some salt to throw under the tires.

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Last, but certainly not least, enlist as many friends as you can to help you move because the more people you have helping, the less amount of time you all will have to spend outside in the cold.

Good luck to you in your impending winter move and remember, be prepared, be warm, and be safe!

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