Technology’s Role in Streamlining Healthcare Relocation and Onboarding

Ah, technology! Where would healthcare be without it?

More and more, the industry relies on technology for everything from pioneering medical advances to simplifying administrative processes. And yet, in some corners, it remains surprisingly underutilized.

Take relocation technology. Although healthcare employers routinely use HR software to manage their workforce, some have yet to embrace this adjacent technology, still clinging to less-efficient, outdated approaches.

And that’s too bad. Because as you’d expect from cutting-edge technology, relocation software greatly streamlines labor, creates cost efficiencies, and boosts employee satisfaction.

It also accelerates elements of onboarding, helping relocating professionals settle in more quickly.

If your organization is still using a non-tech relocation solution—i.e., a traditional relocation management company (RMC), or a cumbersome in-house program —you’re missing out.

You owe it to your organization to learn how modern relocation technology can streamline your peoples’ workload, make new hires happy, and get them onboarded faster.

How Relocation Software Saves Employees Time

Under old-school relocation processes, most work is done over the phone or by email. This back-and-forth system creates huge delays and frustrations for employees, who are dependent on others to push their relocations forward.

That’s not the case with relocation software. When employees log into their UrbanBound Platform, they can immediately leverage the following advantages:

  • Convenience and Accessibility – Employees can access their account 24/7, viewing benefits/resources, taking actions and tracking their progress.
  • Direct Supplier Communication - Employees can communicate with movers, real estate agents, and mortgage lenders, obtaining quotes and booking services directly.  
  • Streamlined Workflow - Eliminating the middleman reduces time and effort for both employees and consultants—no wonder most healthcare professionals prefer it!
  • Automated Expense Management – Expenditures are automatically tallied as they’re incurred, freeing employees from the hassle of tracking them manually, while reducing delays and errors. 
  • Simplified Paperwork – Employees can complete forms and submit invoices in the platform, saving time and cutting paperwork.

But that doesn’t mean that employees are on their own. At UrbanBound, every employee has access to dedicated relocation support, who they can rely on as much or as little as they choose.

How Relocation Technology Streamlines Admin for Employers

Relocation software does as much for healthcare employers as it does their employees, by making their relocation program infinitely easier to oversee and manage. This includes access to: 

  • A Comprehensive Dashboard – What’s the status of those pending relocations? What’s the hospital’s relocation program spend to date? Thanks to a real-time dashboard, program administrators have 24/7 visibility into program activities. 
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics – Relocation technology generates data that allows employers to easily track KPIs like spending, time-to-relocate and employee satisfaction. This data-driven approach allows employers to make informed decisions, while gleaning insights into their recruiting program and workforce productivity.  
  • Automated Tax Calculations – Whether employers choose to pay tax gross-ups, which cover the cost of the taxes that employees must pay for their relocation benefits or pass those onto the employee, relocation software assists with the necessary reports, saving time and ensuring compliance.

Speaking of efficiencies: relocation technology generates huge cost savings for employers—up to 66% over traditional programs.

How Relocation Technology Enhances Onboarding

As a healthcare employer, it’s imperative to get new hires work-ready as quickly as possible. While that’s no simple process—especially for physicians—relocation technology can accelerate the acclimation process by providing employees with:  

  • Curated, Hyperlocal Area Information – Including housing options, neighborhoods, schools and commuting options—all of which help incoming personnel make personalized choices.
  • An Introduction to the Employer – Because employers can upload a wealth of organizational info to their platform, new hires can familiarize themselves with the facility’s policies, practices and culture well before they arrive, thereby smoothing their entry.  
  • Coworkers’ Tips - Some relocation software, like UrbanBound, features a Co-worker Insights section, where current employees can share first-person advice and recommendations, such as great restaurants, the best gyms, and even commuting shortcuts. This peer-to-peer sharing helps new hires integrate more quickly and feel more at home.

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Considering that healthcare’s greatest challenge right now is recruiting and staffing, why wouldn’t you want a tech-based solution that speeds and enhances both the relocation and onboarding processes?

At UrbanBound, we pioneered relocation software, remain the market leader and specialize in healthcare relocation. Many of your peers already trust their relocation program to us. Learn who they are and what they have to say. Then ask yourself: is it time for an upgrade?

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