UrbanBound Employee Spotlight: Meet Brent Crabtree

Change. It's inevitable. Now more than ever it seems the world is rapidly changing; everyday brings something new and unknown. But, that's what makes UB so unique amongst the rest-a team willing and dedicated to facing and adapting to change as quickly as it comes.

As we introduce our next employee spotlight, we want to show our appreciation to all the wonderful individuals who work so hard to make UB what it is. One of those individuals is Brent Crabtree. Read all about him below! 


Brent Crabtree

As an Enterprise Account Executive at UrbanBound, one of my main responsibilities is to showcase the great technology and service we provide to our prospects. 

I’m constantly interacting with new people, which has become one of my favorite parts about working at UB over the past 18 months! Learning more about their role, life, etc and teaching them about UrbanBound is both interesting and rewarding.


During my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports, hanging out with my dog Randal and being a part-time movie critic.

I also enjoy learning about things I don’t know. I’m constantly seeking new information and learning as much as possible; I'm kind of a nerd in the way that. So, naturally, one of my favorite pastimes is going down wikipedia rabbit holes!

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