Winning the War for Talent: 4 Ways to Stand Out

Competitive compensation. Bountiful benefits. Prodigious PTO. When it comes to recruiting prime candidates, chances are, you offer these in abundance.


And yet, chances are, too many candidates are declining your offer. After all, it’s still a job hunter’s market. And your peers and competitors have upped the ante, too. Leaving you searching for fresh ways to stand out.

Well, here’s what we know: candidates are looking for positive experiences from potential employers. They seek companies who care. They want to work for businesses that will go the extra mile. Truly, it’s not rocket science.

In other words, candidates will take notice when you can demonstrate that this is who you are and what you do. Here’s four ways to stand out from the pack.


Interviewing? Cue the Marching Band!

When you like a candidate enough to bring them in for an in-person interview, use that visit to sell them not only on the job but also on your company, culture and city. Choreograph every single minute of their time with you!

Greet them with an effusive welcome. Introduce them to as many staffers as possible. If they’re in from out-of-town, book them a room in your city’s sweetest hotel. Offer them area tours, gourmet dinners, an intimate reception—whatever works.

Remember that 60% of job seekers turn down an offer due to an off-putting interview experience—something that’s entirely preventable.

And by all means, reimburse them at lightning speed for their travel expenses. Many employers drop the ball here, so it’s a super-easy way to shine. If your accounting department can’t get it done, just outsource it. This one’s easy peezy.


Think Outside the Benefits Box

Okay, so you already provide a strong employee benefits package. That’s great—except that your competitors do, too. Make yours stand out by incorporating a few cool, less-conventional perks that many employers haven’t added yet, such as:

  • Birthday PTO – Giving employees their birthday off is a surefire way of showing that you appreciate them individually—and, let’s face, it, giving one more day of PTO won’t break the bank. (This works great with work anniversaries, too.)
  • Pawternity Leave – More employers are offering pet insurance; it’s a popular voluntary benefit. Pair that with a few days of pawternity leave (i.e., time off for employees who adopt a critter or are nursing a sick furbaby), and the whopping 66% of candidates who own pets are bound to sit up and take notice.  
  • Financial Wellness Programs – A full 60% of U.S. workers are stressed about finances. Beyond offering competitive wages, providing tools that help employees improve their financial acuity—classes, workshops, access to financial advisors—will speak volumes about your commitment to your people.

Bonus: these creative perks don’t cost much, but they do make an impact—while improving employee retention, too!


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Showcase Your Corporate Giving Creds

You undoubtedly have an awesome corporate giving program, but—with everything else going on during the recruiting phase—you may not think to mention it to your candidates. Big mistake!

Research shows that up-and-coming professionals strongly prefer to work for socially-responsible employers. In fact, in a recent survey, two out of five Gen Z workers said they’ve declined job offers that didn’t align with their social values.

So, be sure to tell candidates about the charitable initiatives you support and how you go about it, including paid volunteer days, if you sponsor them. (Hint: you should sponsor them.)

Not only will this burnish your image, it will help attract candidates who share your social values.  


Provide a Smooth, Stress-free Relocation Experience 

Finally, one of the best ways you can show long-distance candidates that you are a truly caring employer is by offering comprehensive relocation benefits. That means not just covering the cost of their move and related expenses, but by ensuring a positive, hiccup-free relocation experience.

How do you do that? By providing them with personalized, user-friendly software that guides them through the entire process. And giving them access to a network of pre-screened moving companies, realtors and lenders that deliver time after time.

And, of course, by pairing them with their own dedicated relocation specialist to sherpa them through their relocation journey, whatever form it takes.    

If your current relocation program doesn’t wow your candidates—let alone employees who’ve gone through the actual process—there’s an easy way to do better. UrbanBound’s relocation solution is designed to impress candidates, and delight employees—and, oh yeah, it will save you a bunch of money, too.

In short, with some creativity and caring, you can win the war for talent. And we’re here to help.    

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