How HR Professionals Can Leverage Company Location to Attract Talent

This is a guest post, written by Nathan Sykes, a tech and business blogger forFinding an Outlet.

The race to attract the best candidates often times has HR professionals asking themselves: “What more can my company offer?

When considering what to add to make an offer letter more attractive, hiring managers and human resource professionals should consider the advantages of their company’s home city or state.

Relocating for a job is a big decision, and not every candidate will consider it. However, some locations are naturally more attractive than others when it comes to convincing a candidate to move. In fact, most candidates will look for a community that offers diversity and culture, recreational activities, affordable living and a mild climate. So what do you do when your city has frigid winters or a high cost of living?

Every city has something special to offer, and many times there are only negative connotations associated with a city due to lack of knowledge. Which is why it is up to HR professionals to educate potential candidates about their company’s city. Here are 5 ways HR professionals can sell candidates on a company’s location.


5 Ways to Sell Your Company’s Location


The Commute:

Commuting to work contributes to an employee’s daily stress level. Getting caught in a traffic jam or trying to find parking can greatly increase anxiety. So, if your city has a new public transportation system, or if your office is right off a bus line, be sure to mention this. Additionally, if there are a number of desirable neighborhoods near the office, highlight the potential for a 10-minute commute! Additionally, some companies will subsidize public transit or parking expenses to help further seal the deal.

shorter commute can attract talent

Activities and Culture:

Many candidates look favorably on areas that are family-friendly or places that have things to “do.” Be sure to highlight family-friendly activities and culture. Discuss state and city parks, zoos and museums. Focus on proximity to schools and enriching activities for the whole family. Also, don't forget to mention the nightlife for young professionals. Talk about the city’s best restaurants, bars or concert venues. If you are near a major metropolitan area, be sure to mention this as well. If a candidate can’t get all of the things they want from your company’s specific city, it may only be a short drive away.

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Weird City Titles:

Is your city the lost luggage capital of the world or was your city voted into a top 23 list for best street food? Focus on what makes your city unique, so candidates get to know the vibe of the city's culture and envision themselves living there

leveraging culture to attract talent

Wellness Opportunities:

Many workers, especially young professionals, want to feel good about themselves and their health. Does your city have an acclaimed hospital or an organic grocery store? Does it have wide bike lanes or a community garden? Be sure to leverage anything that could help a candidate see themselves living a healthy lifestyle in your city.


Offer a Relocation Benefit Package:

Moving to a new city is scary, but a company can make the move more attractive by offering employee relocation benefits. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to help every single hire move. Relocation management software, like UrbanBound, empowers employers to digitally administer relocation benefits from simple educational support to a full-service move.


Not all cities have the same appeal or level of fame, but most people won’t want to move somewhere they know nothing about. Providing education to candidates before they accept the offer is the best way to sell your company’s location. When it comes to attracting talent, focus on how your city is unique, enriches lives and grows professionals into more capable citizens.

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