1 Conversation, 3 “Ah-Ha” Revelations: Innovations in Healthcare Recruiting & Relocation

Hands down, healthcare recruiting is one of the toughest jobs around. Competition is fierce. Candidates want it all. No wonder so many healthcare organizations are hungry for innovative solutions that improve hiring outcomes.

For years, UrbanBound has specialized in helping healthcare organizations do just that, via our novel relocation solution. So, when Michael Stamatinos of The Advancing Healthcare Innovation Show asked us to talk about it, we jumped at the chance.

As a result, UrbanBound co-founders Michael Krasman and Jeff Ellman recently appeared on an episode devoted to this important subject (watch on-demand webcast here). As usual, they had a lot to say—which we’ve recapped here as three “ah-ha” eye-openers that every healthcare recruiter will want to know.


Ah-Ha #1: Doing Things the “Old Way” Isn’t Working

When it comes to the relocation aspect of recruiting, many healthcare organizations still embrace the status quo of treating relocation as compensation, not a benefit—and it’s hurting their recruiting rates.

As a rule, healthcare employers are increasingly seeking talent outside their geographic areas, especially when filling specialized positions. (Surprising stat: among UrbanBound’s healthcare clientele, as many as 50% of new hires require relocation!)

We’ve found that, while many healthcare employers refer to their offerings as relocation benefits, it’s really just…compensation.

In other words, newly-hired physicians may find an extra $25,000 in their first paycheck to cover relocation, along with a list of moving companies. But from there, they’re completely on their own when it comes to planning their move.

This is anything but a competitive hiring strategy because many healthcare employers are offering candidates the exact same deal. This is ultimately unhelpful to new hires, who—in addition to adjusting to a new job in a new place—now have to move mountains just to get there.


Ah-Ha #2: True Relocation Benefits Give Recruiters a Great Story to Tell

When you offer relocation benefits—real ones—you’re not just throwing money at your new employees, but making their moves, and therefore their lives, easier. Ideally, those new employees can get all the help they could possibly want from experienced relocation specialists, paired with access to user-friendly relocation software.

This gives your recruiters a way to differentiate from other employers—as well as a compelling story to tell. One that says: we genuinely care about you and your family, and we’re going to prove it. How? By making your move as easy as possible…introducing you to your new city…and helping you make great decisions so you’ll love living here.

This is more than a paragraph in an offer letter—it’s a proof statement about your culture and how you take care of your people. It’s a potential game-changer.

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Ah-Ha #3: Healthcare Employers Waste Millions on Relocation—Needlessly

It’s not uncommon for healthcare employers to offer a physician $20,000 or more to relocate, as well as a tax gross-up of about $10,000. That’s $30,000 to cover what may very well amount to an $8,000 move!

The thing is, most healthcare employers can’t tell us why they offer the amount that they offer, let alone how much those relocations actually cost. They can’t track anything except what they’ve spent.

Now, this is where UrbanBound does things differently. Instead of writing a big check, we suggest that the employer deposit those funds in a managed budget account for the employee. The employee has access to those funds, but only as the money is actually spent.

And because our software guides employees to use carefully-vetted, deeply-discounted movers and suppliers, the quality of service is high, but costs significantly less.

Best of all, all those savings stay with the employer. Considering that 94% of UrbanBound relocations come in under budget—sometimes by up to 66%–employers can slash their relocation budgets while offering employees way more than before.


Take Care of the People Who Take Care of Your Patients

In other words, your healthcare organization doesn’t need to have the biggest name or budget in order to win over the candidates you want. When you demonstrate that you truly care about them and their families—right from your earliest conversations—you’ve got a very persuasive argument.

Better yet, a well-designed relocation program will not only give your recruiters a huge competitive edge, but save your organization huge amounts of money year after year.

And while embracing change can feel daunting, this one needn’t be—not with UrbanBound, anyway.

After all, there’s a reason why we’re the #1 online relocation provider. And that healthcare organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the University of Vermont Medical Center trust us to manage their relocation programs.

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