Relocation Tips: Tips for Tipping Movers

Should you tip movers? Short answer, Yes. Long answer, it’s not required, but you should. Tipping is an important part of service related jobs, but outside of the standard 20% for servers at restaurants, Americans know embarrassingly little about who they need to tip, and how much. For example: movers.

Do You Tip Movers?

When asked about tipping, most moving companies say something along the lines of, it isn’t expected but almost everyone does, and the movers really appreciate it when it happens. That’s basically the business savvy way of say, it actually is expected, but it is not required.

While moving might be a slightly less extreme example, you should still definitely be tipping your movers, especially when they’ve done a satisfactory job.

How Much Should You Tip?

This part is somewhat left up to you, though the generally accepted industry standard is 5%. If the movers do a really great job, tip them more than that, but it’s recommended you don’t tip less. Tipping is a reward, but a lack of a tip should only be used as a punishment in very extreme cases, if at all.

Remember, that 5% is taken from the total cost of the movers, and should be distributed equally among the team that did the moving.

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What About Furniture Delivery?

If you ordered new furniture for your new home, similar rules apply in terms of whether or not you should tip. The difference is that you don't tip based on the price of the chair. A good rule of thumb is to tip $20 for good service here.

Make sure you keep cash on hand so you actually can tip the movers. Give each member of the crew the same amount, and pay them individually. That way you can be sure everyone is taken care of.

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