The Healthcare Worker Shortage: How Relocation Incentives Can Impact Recruitment Efforts

So, you can’t hire enough physicians, nurses, or other healthcare professionals—or hire them quickly enough?

You are not alone. 

As you know too well, the healthcare industry is facing a critical staffing shortage—one that’s bound to get worse before it gets better. That’s why everyone’s focused on improving their recruiting.

One proven solution is to cast a wider geographic net and hire out-of-market talent in your quest for quality candidates. But in order for that to work, employers must also provide attractive relocation incentives.

So, what does a competitive relocation package look like in healthcare today? And how does your current package measure up?

The Role of Relocation in Healthcare Recruiting

Fortunately, many healthcare professionals—particularly younger ones—are open to relocating for the right opportunity. But that’s not necessarily the one that pays the most, or comes from the most prestigious institution

Today, healthcare professionals are prioritizing their quality of life. They want better work-life balance—as well as employers who get this, who actually care.

One way to show that you do indeed get it: by offering caring relocation incentives that smooth your new hires’ path every step of the way.

Where Traditional Relocation Incentives Fall Short

The majority of healthcare employers offer a relocation allowance. But an allowance alone is no longer enough.  

After all, arranging a move—a long-distance move—is a complex, time-consuming process, especially when applying for a state medical license and credentials at the same time. 

If you want to show you care, don’t just give them money, help them manage their move.

For candidates weighing multiple offers, what’s more impressive: a flat relocation allowance or a full-service relocation package that includes hands-on support?

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Relocation Incentives that Show You Care

A caring relocation package can offer many things, but should especially offer these:

Flexible Benefits

Offering relocating employees expert relocation guidance is a gamechanger. But if it means that they must do everything one certain way—your way—it loses its impact. 

The most competitive relocation packages give new hires the latitude to use their benefits the way they want. For example, maybe a new hire needs an extra house-hunting trip. That shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, as long as it comes from their overall allowance or here at UrbanBound, their Managed Budget.

Let new hires plan their relocation their way, and they’ll thank you for it.

Timesaving Relocation Technology

Healthcare professionals use some of the most sophisticated technology on the planet. Yet a surprising number of healthcare employers still rely on old-school relocation providers that barely use technology.

If you haven’t partnered with a tech-based relocation provider, it’s time. Cutting-edge relocation software allows incoming employees to research their new area online…book suppliers in a few keystrokes…and track their expenses automatically in real time.

That’s not saying they shouldn’t have access to relocation support. Your provider should offer that, too!

Access to Vetted Suppliers

The best way to ensure incoming workers have a smooth move is to pair them with proven, high-performing movers and suppliers. After all, there’s a surprising number of bad actors in the moving industry; as a caring employer, you want to protect your people from them.  

That means aligning yourself with a relocation provider that carefully, continually screens its suppliers to ensure your employees are in good hands.

Paid Tax Gross-ups

Unfortunately, relocation benefits are taxable to employees, which can come as a shock to the unprepared. Thoughtful healthcare employers include tax gross-ups in their relocation incentives, proactively compensating employees for these taxes. A good relocation company will simplify this process for you.

Again, consider that candidate weighing two offers—this alone can potentially tip the balance.

Expert Help

Of course, you want a relocation provider who really knows its business. But ideally, you want one that knows your business, too.  

And that's why UrbanBound is here. We’re purpose-built for healthcare and have helped medical systems from coast to coast. We understand your needs and we speak your language.

As it happens, we pioneered relocation technology, too. Today, we’re the highest-rated relocation provider on the internet. 

The bottom line: if you’re ready to upgrade your relocation incentives, we’re here to help. We invite you to learn about our healthcare relocation solutions for physicians, nurses and other professionals—and see what other healthcare employers say about us. Start here


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