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[SlideShare] Everything You Need to Know About Core/Flex Relocation Policies

Posted by Aria Solar on Apr 20, 2015 2:49:00 PM

core/flex relocation policies

If you've paid an ounce of attention to what we've been talking about lately, you know we've dedicated a lot of time to discussing core/flex relocation policies. Believe it or not, there is a method to our madness.

While we do enjoy talking about these types of trends (really, we do), core/flex is a very dense topic that warrants more than just a blog post or two. That is why we've dedicated so much of our time to really diving into the developing trend and understanding its ins and outs.

The core/flex approach should be discussed deeply, and in a variety of ways. Hopefully our efforts have sparked conversation around the topic and provoked others to learn from one another. 

So, for those of you whose brains are hungry to consume this topic in one more way, we've created this custom SlideShare to help guide you through what we think some of the key aspects are of a core/flex approach:

Want to learn more? Here is our webinar about core/flex, and here is our eBook. Knock your education-hungry socks off, because core/flex isn't going anywhere!

lump sum and core flex relocation policies

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Chicago Tech Scene: What You May Have Missed This Week

Posted by Kinga Skowronek on Apr 17, 2015 2:02:22 PM

chicago tech sceneLooking for the top news from the Chicago Tech Scene?

You’ve come to the right place. UrbanBound’s news roundup brings all the weekly action from the Chicago Tech Scene. This week there were some big developments and cool tech that has been added to the scene.

Read on to find out what you may have missed this week!

Avant is on a Roll

Chicago’s very own unicorn in the making announced a $400 million deal with equity firm KKR, according to Chicago Tribune article Avant launches investor marketplace via $400 million financing deal. With so much success, it’s hard to believe that Avant is only 2 years old!

“Our long-term mission for the company is to reduce the cost of borrowing and make it easy for middle-income consumers to borrow money,” said Avant CEO Al Goldstein, according to Chicago Tribune. “We want to be a large global company. This gives us a great new avenue for institutional investors [and to be able to] expand loans to more people.”

“Avant is driving changes for the lending industry and has demonstrated a strong track record of excellence,” Michael O’Donovan, managing director at KKR, said in a news release. “We support Avant’s dedication to innovation in this emerging market, and we believe the Avant Institutional Marketplace will deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns to our investors.”

More Women in Chicago’s Tech Space

Today a third of the Chicago-based techchicago tech scene consulting firm's technical staff are women, nearly double the percentage of five years ago, according to Crain’s Business article Finally, some good news on women in tech. Chicago-based ThoughtWorks has spent the last decade finding ways to hire more women in tech and as a direct result have seen improvements in their company and culture.

“At the end of the day, the commitment we're making is simply the right thing to do,” Craig Gorsline, President of ThoughtWorks, tells Crain’s. “It has a direct impact on the bottom line. We think differently and we're better able to serve our clients. We're a better company. We view the world differently. We're more patient when we're making tough client decisions. We think through things more carefully.”

Chicago Tech Helping People to Calm Down in Hospitals

Hospital waiting rooms filled with bright lights, hum of machines and anticipation, are a tough place to relax in. That’s why Cubicle Ninjas, a creative design agency, are looking to bring some peacefulness to them. According to  Chicago Inno article This Chicago Made VR App for the Oculus Rift Is Taking Patients to the Beach Before Surgery they have developed a Guided Meditation VR that through the use of an Oculus Rift, those waiting can have their thoughts transported to a variety of VR locations including a beach, forest, canyon, or ancient Japanese dojo to help improve their overall wellbeing.

"We are excited to create VR experiences that make people happier and positively impact their daily lives," Josh Farkas, CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, said in a statement. "Guided Meditation VR is a powerful tool for healthcare facilities to use as one component of their patient care model. Happier patients are known to heal faster, less likely to be readmitted, and more satisfied."

This great development will allow everyone to find a moment of solitude and take their mind off being at the hospital. 


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[Infographic] Millennial Statistics That Will Help Your Company Immediately

Posted by Aria Solar on Apr 16, 2015 10:58:00 AM

millennial statistics

Managing Millennials is becoming an increasingly important skill the more time passes—and people know it. Employers are starting to bring their attention towards Millennials to the forefront of their businesses, no longer treating it as just an afterthought.

Companies are learning not only about how to manage Millennials, but about how to attract them, how to retain them, and how to squeeze the most productivity out of them. 

What's important to them? 

Is it culture? Is it salary? Is it social involvement? Is it benefits? Is it technology?

There is a lot that goes into understanding what this generation wants, and it's important for us to figure out what makes them tick. There are behavioral patterns that employers can start to track, and then use that insight as they hire more and more Millennials.  

Here are a few of the statistics we found to be the most significant in regards to managing Millennials in the workplace: 


statistics behind millennials

We gave you the statistics. But now, you need to know what to do with them. Download our eBook to learn strategies and trends behind managing Millennials:

understanding the millennial mindset

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understanding the millennial generation
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