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Posted by Amy Westrick on Apr 28, 2017 3:07:13 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.31.10 AM.pngWelcome back this week for another update on what's happening in the Chicago tech scene! You will want to hear what’s new in the news. It is time to sit back, relax, and wind down—Friday is here, and the weekend is upon us.

mHUB Could be the Saving Grace for all Chicago Entrepreneurs

“Chicago has historically been a strong software and digital startup hub. But a handful of new spaces and resources are providing the infrastructure for a new type of founder: A hybrid maker-entrepreneur that’s looking to create products that can be manufactured and businesses that can scale. And their efforts are creating a new maker and tech community in Chicago.”

“mHUB, the city's first space devoted entirely to product prototyping and manufacturing, is the biggest bet on this new type of entrepreneur. It's a 63,000 square foot facility in an old Motorola Mobility prototyping lab in West Town that officially opened its doors to the public in March. The expanded space also marks the hardware community's transformation from hobbyist-maker to supporting growing ventures: mHUB’s predecessor, hardware coworking space Catalyze, which Fienup also led, was packed into a small building in the West Loop overflowing with tools, workbenches and entrepreneurs hunched over prototypes.”

To learn more about the mHUb and how to get involved


BuiltInChicago speaks with 7 Chicago-based tech companies to Uncover what a value-driven culture actually looks like:

DevMynd is a highly innovative firm that works to build custom software for companies across many different industries.

“One of our core values and something we seek out in our candidates is the desire to ship quality work and use our skills to create value for our clients. The impact sector and our dedication to it basically crystallizes our core values and helps us draw a point on our purpose as an organization.”

Wyzant helps students get paired up with one-on-one tutoring along with the correct subject-matter provided by experts.

“One of the exciting aspects of having a business that focuses on the adult, career-oriented learner, is that Wyzant is incredibly relevant to our own team. Many employees take advantage of the company's complementary tutoring benefit in ways that are directly applicable to their current jobs and also helping them develop professionally.”

Read more about companies like Via and along with three other chicago-based companies and how they have a value driven company culture

With the ability to work work remotely these three companies have set up in a coworking space:


“Codeverse is a vertically integrated technology platform and coding school for kids aged 6-12.  Its first studio location, an unprecedented tech-enabled, hackable classroom, will open in Lincoln Park in summer 2017. While many view coworking spaces as a place to network with potential partners, Codeverse took this practice to a whole new level by meeting more partners than you can count.”


“While OneTable understands the value of networking opportunities, having a coworking space to host their events proved to be perhaps the most helpful aspect of their business.”

Chicago Super Sitters

“WeWork allowed us to be constantly networking, to connect with others having the same struggles and victories, and also to have a social atmosphere and energy to a very small staff,”

Learn more about the benefits of sharing spaces 

Wish you didn’t have to stop?! No worries — there’s more where that came from! Check out these great reads from the past week:

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Illinois Teams Up With Tech Firms To Offer IT Training Courses [CBS Chicago]

10 Illinois Green Tech Startups to Watch [ChicagoInno]

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HR Tech and Relocation: In the News

Posted by Amy Westrick on Apr 26, 2017 12:29:44 PM

HR Tech & Relocation in the NewsWe're back this week with some of the top news from HR Tech and relocation in the past week!

It was a busy week in the wonderful world of HR and relocation, so we did you a favor and gathered some of the most noteworthy news and compiled it for you in one


Read on to find out what’s top of mind this week for HR and Global Mobility Professionals:

The Six HR Skills you will need in the age of AI and Automation

“Research predicts up to 47% of US jobs will be automated with the next 20 years. The large-scale adoption of AI and automation will require a significant amount of employee reskilling. HR won’t be exempt from this reskilling requirement in order to adapt to the new workplace.”

People-focused Skills

“As work becomes more efficient, data-driven, and automated by AI and technology, HR will be relied on more than ever to humanize the workplace. Even with today’s technology, we still want to talk to another person when it comes to hiring and managing people and that desire for the human touch is likely not going away soon.”

Employee Reskilling

“As work tasks become increasingly automated, the need to “level up” employees will rise correspondingly.”

Talent Advising

“People-focused talent advisors will be able to better use their time on initiatives such as reducing bias in hiring, analyzing the ROI of their recruiting software tools and practices, and planning strategic initiatives for proactive hiring based on future growth and revenue.”

Read here to find out the other three skills you will need in HR

Baby Boomers: This is what you need to do in order to get your home ready to sell to a Millennial

The Millennial Generation is growing older and is now looking to purchase their first home. With that being said, Baby Boomers need to take different aspects into consideration when putting their house on the market.

Thanks to smartphones and real estate apps. As a home seller, you and your agent must invest an incredible amount of time and money on your home’s photo shoot.”

“Today, millennials want smaller and simpler homes on smaller parcels. Bigger houses or any land more than half an acre equals more work and maintenance to these first-time buyers, accustomed to the easy life.”

“Millennial buyers want the urban experience, as best as they can get, in the ‘burbs. This means homes that are walking distance to a village or town, near the train, and in bustling neighborhoods are among the most popular.”

Learn more about what you need to do to in order to Millennial Proof your home


Keeping it simple when it comes to Pre-Hire Assessments

“These days candidates are driving the bus when it comes to the value of your employment brand. That’s right: applying for a job is a consumer experience, and you are kidding yourself if you underestimate the consequences of a poor candidate experience.”

“These days the formula for a winning assessment program is simplicity. While the computer and data science behind the scenes of the hiring process is growing more complex, keeping it simple on the surface is definitely the path to success. Keeping the process simple for your internal stakeholders is also critical to ensuring the overall success of your assessment program. Building your program around the following touch points will help you to create a pre-hire assessment program that will create value through simplicity.”

Uncover more about mastering a Pre-Hire Assessment to get the highest qualified employees

Wish you didn’t have to stop?! No worries — there’s more where that came from! Check out these great reads from the past week:

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Some Firms Use The Practice Of Requesting Salary History — Why Firms Ask For It And How They Use It [ERE]

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HR Tech and Relocation: In the News

Posted by Amy Westrick on Apr 21, 2017 12:44:44 PM

Blog Images - Chicago Tech and HR -2.pngWe're back this week with some of the top news from HR Tech and relocation in the past week!

It was a busy week in the wonderful world of HR and relocation, so we did you a favor and gathered some of the most noteworthy news and compiled it for you in one

Read on to find out what’s top of mind this week for HR and Global Mobility Professionals:

Technology in HR is helping people live Healthier, Happier and more Productive Lives 

Technology helps many different aspects of how businesses are run these days. For example, efficiency, reducing costs and increasing business productivity, however, what if I told you that technology is helping with the well-being of employees, engagement, rewards and recognition along with learning and development.


“Well-being is the physical, emotional and even financial wellness of your employees. More employers are moving towards this “whole employee’s well-being” approach. Wellness programs that typically only cover physical health and nutrition are more widely available currently.”


“Engage for Success defines engagement as: “a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organization to give of their best each day, committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.” In a nutshell, it’s the level of commitment and performance put forth by each of your employees.”

Rewards and Recognition

“The incentives and motivators offered to employees to encourage consistent high performance are super important. These can be anything from employee of the month awards to bonuses to celebrating a big win with team karaoke (a favorite in our own office).”

Learning and Development

“L&D refers to the educational programs offered to employees to increase their proficiency within or outside their job description. This is the number one benefit millennials seek in job opportunities. Giving them the chance to grow and learn as much as possible is a powerful incentive to retaining your millennial workers.”

Learn more about the 4 areas where technology is helping HR make a difference

Google is Quietly Entering a new Market 

There are rumors that Google has been working on a new product called Google Hire.

“Google’s launching a whole HR and employment ecosystem. The product suite will include corporate career sites, an ATS, job feeds and ultimately an algorithm that actually helps paid job boards but will disrupt Indeed, big time.”

This however will not be Google’s first time around with working on creating a Job Board. In the mid-2000’s, Google released a product called Google Base. This service gave people the ability to upload their own content onto Google, which was then accessible through their search engine.

Get the full article on Google Hire here

UAE, Spain and Greece Take the Top Three Spots for Best Countries for First Time Buyers

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, it has become significantly more difficult for first time buyers to pull the trigger and purchase their first home. This unfortunately has lead many families to spend large amounts of their income on renting.

“Using data from the Global Property Guide and the Hay’s Group Global Salary Forecast and cross-referencing the change in property prices with average salary in 33 countries in 2016, the relocation experts at MoveHub have determined the best countries for first time buyers.”

“UAE took the top spot where average real wages enjoyed a boost in 2016, while at the same time the nation’s property market experienced a slump in value of -7.96%. The recent sharp decline in home prices in some of the country’s hotspot cities suggests that the affordability gap is closing considerably quicker in comparison to other international regions.”

Find out where all 33 countries rank among one another

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On Transform Recruitment Marketing Podcast: HR Technology Trends [HR Tech Central]

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