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Chicago Tech Scene: What You May Have Missed This Week

Posted by Kinga Skowronek on May 29, 2015 11:32:26 AM

chicago tech scene Chicago's innovators and entrepreneurs are the taking the Chicago Tech Scene for a wild ride.

It seems like every single week a new idea is coming out of our town. 

Check out some of the exciting developments that took place this week:


Health Tech Just Got Easier in Chicago

Matter, a health-tech incubator located inside Merchandise Mart, will be opening spaces that simulate medical and procedure rooms which will allow products to be tested under the conditions they will be used in, according to Chicago Tribune article Matter incubator to open engineering lab, clinical simulation space

“One of the challenges in health care entrepreneurship is that it can be hard to get access to real-world health care settings early in the development process,” Collens tells Chicago Tribune. “The idea is to give companies the opportunity to very easily get a rough sense of how their product is going to work” in a medical setting.

“The first time they ever wheeled their prototype into an operating room, you couldn’t see anything on the screen — the light in an operating room is so much brighter than in a normal environment,” he said. “They learned they needed a different kind of screen.”

Chicago Startup Helps With Divorce

Wevorce is helping families go through the painful process of divorce by automating paperwork, predicting legal costs, and chicago tech scene connecting families with related professionals when they are ready — a process that saves families money, according to Built in Chicago article High tech, high touch: How Wevorce helps families get through divorce

“When you turn a divorce situation — which is a very family-sensitive area — into a legal problem, you get what I call legal nonsense and chaos for families,” Crosby told Built in Chicago. “We’ve created a model that helps families through it, rather than dragging families through a very reactive process.”

“In order to continue growing Wevorce, we need this community of divorce experts bringing their master trade,” Crosby said. “Again, we say we’re high tech, but we can be high touch. We need these masters of trade that are familiar with the dynamics in each community and each state that we are in to really help connect and bring Wevorce to life for families.”

NuCurrent’s New Addition

NuCurrent, a Chicago-based startup that develops antenna tech, has added a new team member. Glen Riese, formerly known for holding several positions at Motorola and giving us products such as the RAZR and the Droid, will be heading up product engineering at NuCurrent.

ChicagoInno’s article NuCurrent Hires Former Motorola Engineer Who Helped Create the RAZR & Droid covers all the details.

“NuCurrent is an extremely innovative company on the cutting edge of the wireless power industry. I am excited to bring my experience in product management and engineering leadership to this group of exceptional engineers and innovators. Having worked on multiple devices at Motorola that included wireless charging functionality, I believe the industry is poised for rapid growth and I’m excited to be developing leading solutions for our customers," Glen Riese commented in the statement.


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4 Tips to Prep Your New Hires for their First Day

Posted by Lauren Decker on May 28, 2015 2:18:58 PM

shutterstock_164143406-1.jpgYou expect new hires to be excited and prepared for their first day, but the reality is that they’ve just made a big, possibly stressful, life change. Depending on the employee, this may be their first job out of college, they may have quit a different job to join your company, or they may have just relocated from across the country.  No matter the scenario - chances are they’re feeling anxious to start and maybe even a little nervous if they made the right decision.  How can you ensure your new hires are prepped, excited and confident that they made the right choice on their first day?  Here’s a few tips:

  1. Set Clear Expectations

Do you expect your employees to review the employee handbook before they start?  How about paperwork, do they need to bring that with them on day one?  After accepting an offer, new employees may get a lot of documents or instructions to complete before they start. Make sure your employees know exactly what’s expected of them on their first day, including which documents they should bring and what they should have read before they walk into the office.  Providing this clarity reduces anxiety and sets them up for success on their first day.

  1. Make Important Documents Accessible

If you do expect your employees to complete a few tasks before starting, make sure those documents are accessible to them.  Most of these documents, like employee handbook, are located on your company’s intranet - a portal that your employees typically don’t get access to until after they start. Make it easy for them by providing this information via email or a central location that doesn’t require intranet access.  This not only helps employees stay organized for the first day, but also helps them prepare for their role.

  1. Don’t Forget to Include the Basics

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference.  Equipping your new hires with seemingly minor details, like office attire, can make them feel more comfortable on their first day.  Ask your current employees what they wish they had know before starting and make that information available to new hires.  FAQ’s, transportation guides, and nearby lunch spots can help ensure your new employees have one less thing to worry about when they walk in one day one.

  1. Show Your Office Personality

Does your LA office have it’s own dress code?  Do some departments have different hours than others?  Make sure new hires have access to office or department specific information if it’s different than corporate. The office environment or team dynamic may have been one of the reasons your new hires chose the role, so be sure to extend that into your onboarding materials and help your new hire start off on the right foot with their team or department.

Screen_Shot_2015-05-28_at_12.05.08_PM.pngKeep these quick tips in mind for your next new hire group.  Starting a new job, although exciting, can be stressful.  Setting clear expectations new hires, helping them stay organized, and providing visibility into office procedures can all help mitigate the anxiety they may feel.   

Tools like UrbanBound Company Pages can help you manage this prep work.  Easily create a central, accessible location for all new hire information by uploading documents, FAQ’s, and tasks into the UrbanBound app.  You can even set up different pages for each of your satellite offices.  To learn more about UrbanBound’s solution, visit  And remember, making sure your employees have a successful first day starts with you!

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Next Stop: NACE 2015 in Anaheim

Posted by Kinga Skowronek on May 28, 2015 10:16:00 AM

relocation technology UrbanBound is gearing up for NACE! This year’s NACE Conference & Expo will be hosted in Anaheim, California from June 2nd through June 4th. UrbanBound will be at booth #328 — come say hi!

NACE has a lot on its agenda this year. Simply by looking at the fantastic networking opportunities that this conference presents are reason enough to attend, but there is so much more this conference has to offer. Not only are there many sessions with reputable speakers, but the conference caters to many different people.

Whether you are in HR, recruiting, staffing, or anything else in the realm of collegiate level activities, there will certainly be a session for you. Each day of the conference will feature several educational and developmental sessions, all of which will benefit those in the industry.

NACE which stands for National Association for Colleges and Employers is the leading source of information for the college educated. The association connects more than 6,300 college career services professionals at nearly 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide, more than 2,700 university relations and recruiting professionals, and the business affiliates that serve this community.


Check Out the Amazing Speakers

The speakers at NACE  this year are riveting and though-provoking individuals who have overcome adversity. They will ignite inspiration in everyone who attends their sessions.  

The Opening Ceremony kicks off with an invigorating keynote from activist and actor Maulik Pancholy. Best known for his recurring roles on 30 Rock and Weeds, Pancholy has won a Screen Actors Guild award and has been recognized for breaking stereotypes in the industry. His humorous, endearing and thought-provoking segment will take you on a journey of urbanbound nacehis struggle as an Asian-American starting out at Northwestern University and leading up to Hollywood.

In 2014, Pancholy took the next steps in his journey and was appointed to President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. As a rising star, among a handful of Indian-Americans in Hollywood, Pancholy has faced racism and cultural diversity on his path to success. His keynote will focus on how to overcome obstacles and forge your own way to success.

US Navy Lieutenant Brad Snyder embodies what being a hero truly means— when faced with the decision to save others in peril, his selfless act of rescue changed his life forever.

Having graduated from the US Naval Academy along with his position as team captain of the swim team, he earned a spot in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer training program. In the Spring of 2011, Snyder was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During patrol, Snyder rushed to help two Afghan soldiers wounded in an initial IED blast and in doing so tripped a second hidden bomb. This blast left him severely injured and completely blind. But that never stopped him— only a year later, Snyder earned a spot on the US Paralympics National Team for swimming where he competed in 7 events, winning 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal.

You don’t want to miss a chance to hear his inspirational closing keynote! Snyder will share his dedication to eliminating perceived limitations, embracing life’s challenges and achieving happiness.


Don’t forget to stop by our booth!

relocation management softwareThe NACE conference is a great time for businesses and colleges to come together to discuss the importance of recruiting the nation’s youth and getting them jobs out of college.

With so much to see and do in Anaheim, it can feel overwhelming. Don't worry we wrote a conference guide just for you!


Don't forget to stop by UrbanBound's booth #328 to find out about how relocation technology is redefining an industry. Jeff Ellman, Erin Wasson and Ben Lazarov are looking forward to meeting you!


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