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Posted by Kinga Ricci on Feb 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Check out what you may have missed this week:

Classform is on a mission to save your school's STEM budget via Built in Chicago

“We recently did a survey with 100 school districts, and 75 percent of the schools that responded deployed 75 percent or less of the software licensing they purchased,” said classform co-founder Tony Sheffler in the interview with Built in Chicago. “There’s a great opportunity to drive some spend out of schools and put the money back into their budgets.”

Co-founder Blair Walsh told Built in Chicago, “The average school is really slow to adopt new technologies, because there’s not a lot of great information sharing about what works. There are schools that are really hungry to adopt new technology, but fear that they’re not well-trained enough.”

Vibes Expands to Europe to Power Mobile Marketing Campaigns for Brands via press release 

"Entering the European market enables us to bring Vibes' technology and expertise to a wide new set of brands and retailers," said Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO of Vibes in the press release. "Clients have been wanting to see our platform in international markets as they navigate the challenge of connecting with consumers who are increasingly difficult to engage. We look forward to helping marketers create relevant, personalized mobile experiences that drive effective engagement and achieve their marketing and loyalty objectives."

Narrative Science delivers API, ushering in the next generation of BI and analytics via press release

Bernard Marr, an internationally recognized expert in business performance and data, said in the press release, “In a world where 'drowning in data' is a real danger that I see many companies falling foul of, the emphasis needs to move away from analyzing everything we possibly can, to identifying what is truly important. Advanced NLG is one of the key technologies powering the move to a data-driven society, and this API makes it available to a whole new audience.”

“We’re thrilled to launch this API and make natural language generation more widely available. Our partners are our top priority and we’re excited to closely collaborate with them to help them deliver a differentiated, intuitive user experience that drives platform engagement,” said Mauro Mujica-Parodi, General Manager of Integrated Narrative Solutions and Applications at Narrative Science in the press release. “Data increasingly plays a role in our lives and our API transforms that data into meaningful, actionable language.”

Rippleshot Raises $2.6 Million in Latest Funding Round via press release

“I am very pleased to join Rippleshot’s impressive board of seasoned payment veterans,” said Gloria Colgan in the press release. “This is an extremely exciting time in the company’s growth and I look forward to helping accelerate their leading position in the market.”

“This latest round of funding comes at a time where we are in a unique place to help bridge the fraud detection gap between issuers and merchants,” said Canh Tran, CEO and co-founder of Rippleshot in the press release. “As we expand into the merchant space, we are excited to put this funding to good use as we work to encourage collaboration across the industry in order to make payments more secure for everyone. With Gloria joining our board, her impressive background will be invaluable as we take the next step in growing our footprint.”

But there’s so much more! Check out these articles:

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Chicago data company Dunnhumby signs deal with Whole Foods [Chicago Business Journal]

Wal-Mart, seeking Amazon-like efficiency, to consolidate some online and in-store operations [Chicago Business Journal]

Office Envy: Sprout Social's new space has artwork made from 1,000 cans of LaCroix [Chicago Business Journal]

2017: The Year Traditional & Digital Media Converge [Built in Chicago]


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Why You Need to Deliver On Today’s High-Tech Demands (And How It Helps You)

Posted by Lauren Decker on Feb 16, 2017 12:02:48 PM

Why You Need to Deliver on Today's High-Tech DemandsIn today’s “always-on” world, technology has become a necessity for nearly everything we do. From our personal lives to our professional lives, tech is ingrained in the way we live.

These days, employees simply assume technology will be available to them for nearly every aspect of their job. From managing their calendar to accessing payroll information and managing their 401(k), people expect technology to be present every step of the way.

Relocation is no exception to this rule. The demand for a relocation experience supported by technology will only increase. And—not only will the demand increase, but the expectations for the quality of technology will increase as well.

It’s no secret that technology has become a necessary part of the relocation experience. It’s no longer a question of if technology should be incorporated, but how.

The question of if we need technology has been answered with a resounding yes. And now mobility and HR professionals are plagued with questions like what how will it work, what will it look like, and, of course, how fast can we get this done?

Long story, short—this new technology mandate can be a little overwhelming.

The good news is that there are technology-driven solutions available to help you meet these expectations for both your relocating employees and the internal teams administering the relocation benefits. Partnering with a technology solution enables your company to provide a high quality, technology-driven experience without diverting valuable internal resources to help develop and build it.

No matter which stage your relocation program is in, there are technology partners who can help. Whether you beginning to scale your company or have a fully developed program, there are solutions available to meet your specific needs. And by incorporating these solutions, you can quickly get to the bottom of those questions —how, what, and when— because the technology providers have created a tested, proven process for facilitating technology-driven relocations.

It’s no longer enough to simply supplement your relocation program with technology. As expectations continue to grow, it’s essential that you begin creating a relocation program founded on technology to meet and exceed the expectations of your employees.

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HR Tech and Relocation: In the News

Posted by Kinga Ricci on Feb 15, 2017 11:16:52 AM

hr tech and relocationUrbanBound’s weekly roundup of HR tech and relocation news is the perfect place to read up on all the trends, insights, and advice from experts in the industry to gain a better understanding of where our future is headed.

There is no shortage of new stories and ideas coming out every week (which is exciting for our industry!)

Take a moment and read the top news you may have missed this week in HR tech and relocation:

On the move: Relocation clients benefit from provider relationships via The Chron

"While we are assisting relocation clients in purchasing or selling a home, it is much more than just real estate," Tess Chaney, relocation director for Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty, told The Chron’s Michelle Sandlin. "We are their friend, their resource, and an ambassador for the city. So, for any need that they might have, we have recommendations through our own personal and professional experiences.

Chaney explains to The Chron: “When you are considered an ambassador for the city, and not just an ambassador for real estate, you can help guide relocating clients through the school system, or provide them with recommendations for educational consultants. We also answer questions about what pediatricians we go to, and what grocery stores are in a particular area. We are really helping them acclimate and enjoy this new chapter of their life."

Read the full interview here.

HR to face sea change in online learning software and accent on teams via Tech Target

"Business leaders are saying, 'OK, I want all my people data to make sense to me in terms of the business problem I have. I am going into a new country or a new city. How much is it going to cost to hire people? How many candidates am I going to have to interview? What kind of turnover am I going to have? What kind of sales productivity am I going to have? Why do I have low sales productivity in this group versus this group?,” Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, says in the article.

"Companies don't run like hierarchies anymore," Bersin continued. "HR departments and managers have to redesign their entire work practices around networks and teams."

Read the full article here.

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Access to global talent 'a priority for financial services' [Re:locate Global]

Business relocation can aid in employee attraction, retention [BizTimes]

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