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Posted by Kinga Ricci on Jan 18, 2017 12:36:23 PM

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Wondering what happened this past week? Check out the hottest HR tech and relocation news you may have missed:

Road to Status Announces B2B Practitioner Platform via press release

Road to Status announced its newest business-to-business practitioner platform that will serve the immigration needs of law firms, in-house counsel teams, nonprofits, and HR departments looking for ways to stretch limited resources, increase productivity, and grow their practices, states their press release.

"There are not many legal-tech software companies focused on helping organizations build their personal brands and business. Building an immigration practice comes with it's own unique set of challenges. Our goal is to empower the firm and their clients, making it easier and more profitable for them to operate and compete,” John Paul Demirdjian, Chief Operating Officer, Road to Status, LLC, said in the press release.

"The initial demand for a B2B immigration platform was much greater than our expectations, so we decided to accelerate the release of these new tools. We are looking forward to building partnerships with key organizations in the legal and nonprofit communities. It is going to be a great year for legal-tech and for Road to Status,” said John Bauschard, Chairman / Co-Founder, Road to Status, LLC, in the press release.

Read the full press release here.

Passport Index launches new update via press release

Which country holds the most powerful passport?

According to the press release, “Germany takes the lead with a visa-free score of 157. Singapore overtakes South Korea and becomes the highest ranked Asian passport, with a visa free score of 156, coming second. South Korea fell to 6th place (152), while Japan, rose to 4th place, tied with European countries like Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and others whose visa-free score is 154. Visa-free score represents the number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with visa on arrival.”

Check out the full Passport Index ranking here.

Using Tech to Improve PM Reviews via Human Resources Executive magazine

"[It can] tap into different feedback providers such as clients or customers," Asumi Ishibashi, senior consultant for talent management at Willis Towers Watson tells Human Resources Executive magazine. "Gone are the days where employees are waiting until mid-year for feedback. Technology can accommodate just-in-time feedback after [employees] complete a project or make an amazing presentation. It balances where the feedback comes, the frequency and cadence."

Read the full Human Resources Executive magazine article here.

55 Talent Acquisition Experts on Top Recruiting Trends for 2017 via Jobs2Careers

Find out what the experts are saying 2017 will bring:

“In 2016 we have seen campaigns by larger organisations further digitalise the resourcing process, focusing on candidate experience, application app design, anonymous candidate applications and linking employer brand with the overall recruitment strategy even more.But what about all the companies where things are working well? What about the smaller companies that want quality candidates that cannot be reached via a fully digitalised app or talent acquisition strategy? In 2017, I foresee that many businesses around the world realise that their focus should be on getting that diverse team in place by designing and implementing their own resourcing path (and not duplicating a competitor’s), shifting focus and making sure that every individual gets the same opportunities, not just following what larger organisations, HR Tech vendors or institutes say. Or at least that is my sincere wish for the coming year.” Nicole Le Maire, Founder of New To HR

“Recruiters will demand better collaboration between their various HR tech vendors. The promise of the full suite has yet to be realized, considering the average staffing team uses 10+ recruiting tools, so open APIs and seamless integration with partners is required to deliver better candidate quality by ensuring a better candidate, and recruiter, experience.” Ward Christman, Co-Founder and Chief Advisor,

Check out the full list of insights here.

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[Video] A Year of UrbanBound in 2016

Posted by Aria Solar on Jan 18, 2017 9:48:04 AM

UrbanBound employeesPassion and excitement are two things certainly not lost on the UrbanBound team. And year after year, we continue to infuse that energy into our product—from engineers who build our software's framework, all the way to the people marketing and selling it around the world.

Our company was built on the concept that the collaborative work of many will overpower the work of just one—and it wins every single time. Co-founder and CEO Michael Krasman explains,

"Building a team is a crucial step of the process because simply put: it’s impossible to build a company by yourself. Keep in mind, the first wave of employees you attract to work at your startup will make or break your company, and the passion that you have for the problem you’re trying to solve needs to be contagious. Make sure to bring people on board that are as passionate as you are."

Luckily for you, we recorded most of that passion in 2016. Check out our past year at UrbanBound HQ:


We are so grateful to everyone who was a part of the past 12 months, and we look forward to working with even more of you, in even bigger ways, over the next 12. We continue to learn and grow together, both as a team and with the rest of you in the software and relocation space, and we're excited to see what the future has in store.

In the words of our Co-founder Jeff Ellman,

"To both effectively scale a business and solve a problem within an industry, you need to foster a team of thoughtful, creative and motivated individuals to help make your vision a reality and create brilliant solutions for your customers. That is what really makes a great company and creates a sustainable competitive advantage."

We wouldn't have any of it without the support from our clients, partners, and friends. Thanks for a great year.

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Understanding the Three Pillars of a Successful Relocation Program

Posted by Ryne Inman on Jan 17, 2017 9:47:40 AM

creating a relocation programWhen discussing relocation benefits, a lot of the language we use is broad and over-simplifies the complex machinery behind a successful program.

Companies with great relocation programs recognize the equal, but unique contributions of talent acquisition, mobility, and benefits/payroll. Each of these three pillars needs to be working individually and in coordination with the other two. But recognizing and respecting where they diverge and where they unite is easier said than done.

Talent Acquisition

Finding next-level talent is key for a company’s success. Without a consistent flow of recruits, a company will find itself lagging behind competitors and stagnating. Relocation benefits unlock a potential pool of candidates that is magnitudes greater than the one limited to the immediate geographic area near an office. On top of expanding the recruiting sphere, a benefits package enhanced by an effective relocation benefit increases the chances that candidates accept offers.


Starting even before the candidate phase, mobility professionals wear many hats. They are charged with formulating a robust relocation program that stays within budget guidelines. Then, they must administer the benefit and serve as a resource for relocating employees.

Throughout the process, it’s critical to look for warning signs of impending bumps in the road. A move that ends up being larger in scale than originally estimated, complications with short term housing, and sometimes just plain unavoidable complications. Mobility and relocation professionals have to exist in both the hypothetical and actual at the same time, balancing potential solutions with budget and policy realities.

Benefits / Payroll

Anchoring all of this are the payroll department and benefits administrators. Where relocation is concerned, for all involved, the bottom line is the bottom line. The successful delivery of stipends, lump sums, and reimbursements will make or break your program.

Though they may have to play the bad cop role more often, it’s their steadfast adherence that makes the entire operation run smoothly. Having a consistent set of guidelines set by payroll, much of the time backed by legal regulations, give the other two pillars a firm ground on which to build the program.

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