How Obsolete Tech Relocation Solutions Can Shake New Hires' Confidence In Your Company

Posted by Ryne Inman on Feb 14, 2017 8:13:00 AM

relocation for tech companies

Having an elite set of benefits is an essential way to recruit the best and brightest talent. In a crowded, competitive space like the tech industry, where talent shortages are common to the point of constant, companies are willing to do almost anything to secure their next critical hire.

Unfortunately, impressing a candidate with a list of benefits is much easier than impressing them with the administration of said benefits.

This is no more evident than in your distribution of relocation assistance packages. It’s one thing to give them a financial safety net to execute a move, but we can all accept that moving, especially long-distances, requires so much more than just a cash transaction.

For many tech companies, talented candidates and employees are attracted to the revolutionization of arcane processes, the democratization of information and services, and being on the first wave of new, emerging technology.

So it should be remarkably clear how an insufficient relocation experience, or worse, an unpolished and ineffective relocation tech solution can reflect poorly on your company as a software and tech player. The culture and ethos of a tech company needs to penetrate it on every level. 

Any relocation program not integrating software as a core component is not meeting the minimum standards of the industry, let alone leading at its vanguard. Tech options have moved from only being applicable in fringe moves within a limited set of circumstances to being poised to the preferred solution over lump sum and expense reimbursement programs.

Not only is this important for building a cost-effective and high-performing relocation program, but the fact is that many tech employees enjoy and value interacting with and using software solutions.

A polished, effective tech solution will confirm with that employee that they are working for a company that just gets the goals and values of an innovative software company.

relocation for tech companies

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